Learn how to facilitate effective and powerful

Forgiveness Conversations.

Led by Michelle Gannon, PhD and Sam Jinich, PhD

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Monterey Forgiveness Training
Dr. Sam Jinich and Dr. Michelle Gannon

In all relationships we make mistakes. We hurt those we love. Ruptures and injuries happen in most relationships. Time does not heal. If we do not choose to enter the process of forgiveness, we decrease the chances of closeness and connection with our loved ones.

Dr. Sue Johnson and other relationship experts such as Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Dr. Fred Luskin of the Stanford Forgiveness Project and many others emphasize the importance of repair and forgiveness in loving, close, healthy relationships.

However, as therapists, we often struggle with how to truly help our clients heal from painful attachment injuries and how to facilitate effective forgiveness conversations.

Dr. Michelle Gannon and Dr. Sam Jinich of Hold Me Tight Workshop and the San Francisco Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (SFCEFT) teach and supervise therapists how to facilitate  Forgiveness Conversations based on Sue Johnson’s Attachment Injury Repair Model, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Hold Me Tight Workshop.

Please join us for a day about Forgiveness.   You will practice how to facilitate Forgiveness Conversations in a positive, encouraging and safe environment. You will learn the Attachment Injury Repair Model through didactic instruction, experiential exercises, watching video taped examples and many role play opportunities.  Throughout the day, there will also be opportunity for 1:1 personalized attention, questions and discussion.

Course Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to describe and define how the lack of emotionally supportive responsiveness at a moment of vulnerability and need leads to relationship injuries.
  2. Participants will learn and be able to describe a research-supported method of repair and forgiveness.
  3. Participants will be able to describe the therapeutic steps that facilitate expressions of regret and forgiveness based on the Attachment Injury Repair Model (AIRM) and will be able to describe how and when to apply the steps to healing an
    attachment injury.
  4. Participants will demonstrate through role plays with other participants how to explore the experience of an injury with two individuals (couples, family members, business partners, friends or colleagues), how to set-up enactments to facilitate a heartfelt apology and increase the possibility for forgiveness based on the approach used in the Hold Me Tight Workshop and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Podcast Interview with Sam Jinich, PhD & Michelle Gannon, PhD on Hitched Mag:  Episode 402.  Available on iTunes and Stitcher:

How to Give A Positive, Effective Apology


Sam and Michelle have led their Forgiveness Training for Therapists

in San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon and Utrecht, The Netherlands

Please contact them if you are interested in bringing their workshop

to your therapist community.

During Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples, Michelle & Sam often hear stories from participants and their therapists about how the Forgiveness Conversations in the workshop were healing, positive and transformative to couples’ relationships. For example:

“We never expected that Michelle’s walk with us through the Forgiveness Conversation would help us to begin to profoundly heal. My partner became fully aware of the depth of my pain from decades ago. He had blocked out my feelings of abandonment and rejection.  And after the Forgiveness Conversation, the  “event” is now a memory; it no longer ignites us.  We actually see and feel each other trying to show the love we’ve had in our hearts all these years.  We are very, very grateful.”  Linda & Mark

“Thank you Sam for your private work with us at the Hold Me Tight Workshop.  You made it safe and comfortable to talk honestly and openly (and at the same time privately) about very uncomfortable and hurtful situations.  The Inside/Outside voice demonstration in the Raw Spots Conversation was a big eye opener for us, as was the amazing Forgiveness section.   We are most grateful to Sam and Michelle for their devotion to truly making the world a more loving place.” K & S 

We look forward to sharing the day with you.


Michelle and Sam have designed and delivered a Forgiveness Training for Therapists Workshop that provides therapists from any clinical orientation with empathic effective tools to help couples repair relational ruptures. Based on Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M.), Michelle and Sam’s day long workshop integrates music, videos and hands-on practice in a way that resonates with a broad range of learning styles. When I used the model with a couple a few days after the workshop, I saw what a difference a (training) day with Michelle and Sam makes. Thank you!!!

~Marjorie Chaset, MFT; San Francisco, CA

Michelle Gannon PhD and Sam Jinich PhD have done it again with their fabulous Forgiveness Training for Therapists workshop and what a day of Forgiveness it was!  From videos, handouts, evocative music and plenty of experiential exercises, I left with a new take on how to deepen into the smallest fissure in a relationship…or the largest ocean of betrayal in a way that shifted my take on Forgiveness forever. I’ve been doing Forgiveness and Repair/Rupture healing work for years and yet this training gave me permission to slow down and linger, and to go back even with couples and deepen into places that had some unspoken betrayals that were impacting connection.

 I hope this amazing duo can take their One Day Forgiveness Training for Therapists workshop on the road and share it with the universe as it was a rich experience of start to finish. Thanks Sam & Michelle!

~Margaret Petersen, LMFT; Pleasanton, CA

Michelle & Sam’s workshop on Forgiveness Training for Therapists struck just the right balance between didactic & experiential material. In addition to being enormously practical for its clinical application, their presentation also served as reminder that the much-needed deep conversation between hurt people can happen when we bring compassion to both parties and we make use of the guidelines for authentic apology. Both Sam & Michelle are warm & welcoming to participants & generous in the sharing of workshop materials. Beyond this, they bring a quality of humor & humanness to the presentation that conveys to participants: We are all in this together! Highly recommend to all!

~Kevin Russell, MFT; San Francisco, CA

Michelle and Sam are kind, compassionate psychologists who care deeply about helping people connect, forgive, communicate, and grow. Their expertise was apparent and their Forgiveness Training for Therapists Workshop is designed to meet participants at the level in which they are at.  It was clear that advanced therapists as well as students new to practicing therapy or couples counseling or EFT all benefited from the training.

Michelle and Sam checked in with folks throughout the workshop and further explained and elaborated when necessary.  I highly recommend this workshop!

RB – Psychologist; San Francisco, CA

Attending Sam and Michelle’s Forgiveness Training was delightful as all trainings and workshops with Sam and Michelle always are.

Even better is what happened in my office when I met with a long term, rather stuck couple. Using what I had learned, I pushed and guided in the right places rather than holding back to protect one partner. The couple felt a breakthrough that we had been waiting a long time for and can now build on to move forward. I am now able to gently push more and linger where needed.

Then I saw a mother and adult daughter from out of town for one extended session. The Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M.) worked absolute wonders for them too and I was able to send Mom home with awareness of and compassion for her daughter’s devastating pain instead of insisting that her daughter play “happy families” with Mom’s new spouse. This was a powerful start to reconciliation for them. Thank you Michelle and Sam for supplying key components that greatly improve the work I so love to do.

~Dena Anthony, PhD; San Francisco, CA

Michelle and Sam’s Forgiveness Training for Therapists included clear, specific interventions that I was able to put into practice immediately. Their examples and exercises helped me identify specific couples who would benefit from this work.

The Forgiveness process outlined in the workshop helps couples heal specific attachment wounds that play a large role in their negative relationship cycles. I really, really enjoyed the training. Thank you.

~George Kolcun, MFT; San Francisco, CA

Michelle and Sam, once again, put on a very helpful workshop.  They strike a perfect balance between didactic teachings, video demonstrations and role plays. They create a climate of safety and warmth so we are better able to integrate the new information and they are accessible to questions and comments.  I recommend the Forgiveness Training for Therapists and any workshops or trainings that Michelle and Sam do together.

 Jennifer Olden, MFT; Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist, Sacramento, CA

The Forgiveness Training for Therapists led by Dr Michelle Gannon & Dr Sam Jinich was excellent. Michelle and Sam are leading the SF Bay Area forward in leaps and bounds with the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model. They’ve put together all the best research on this subject of forgiveness for couples and incorporated it into the EFT model. I really appreciate what you are doing with EFT.  Thank you Michelle & Sam!

Mark Robinett, LMFT; San Francisco, CA

Sam and Michelle did a masterful succinct job of reviewing and highlighting common threads of the major Forgiveness theorists in the field. Much of the Forgiveness Training for Therapists workshop was devoted to experiential exercises and role-plays which they both set up with such clear teaching, direction and safety (and great movie clips!) that I really could focus, practice and learn the Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M.)

The Forgiveness Training was an A+ experience with two warm, skilled EFT presenters!  Thank you!

Dinah Bachrach, MFT; Santa Rosa, CA

I am so appreciative of Sam and Michelle for bringing their incredible Forgiveness Training to our community. They have honed a clear and emotionally rich approach to teaching the forgiveness conversation- I came away feeling grounded and confident to help couples navigate these tricky waters. Michelle and Sam brought clarity to every part of their training- from the presentation of the material, to the beautiful demonstration of the work and setting up role plays. A bonus was getting to spend the day with two lovely and dedicated teachers!

Carla Canfield, LCSW; Portland, Oregon

The Forgiveness Training for Therapists was very effective in guiding me through the process.  I feel more confident using the Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M.) with my clients.  The experiential exercises and role plays also helped me personally to re-visit injuries with my spouse and to open and present to heal for even more love, connection and understanding.  Thank you and all the best to both of you.

Sheila Somers, LPC; Portland, Oregon

I came to the Forgiveness Training for Therapists hoping to more fully understand the Attachment Injury Repair Model (A.I.R.M.) and gain a much needed road map to lead couples I work with out of painful distress and towards healing.  I came out of the training very encouraged and felt equipped to more confidently and effectively help hurting couples.  Michelle and Sam bring both expertise and an accessible ease that creates an ideal learning environment.

Thank you!

Stacy Card, LMHC; Spokane, Washington

Sam & Michelle, I want to thank you both for a thoughtful training on forgiveness. The ways in which you had the group working together with the material made the learning a very real experience of forgiving. Deeply moving– from the first attunement exercise of silence with eye contact and music –a delicious invitation to open the heart. I felt fully prepared to come back to my practice and facilitate forgiveness conversations with my couples. A wonderful heart opening experience. Thank you!

Roxanne Davis, MFT; Marin, CA

I really enjoyed the balance between the information given such as the steps for the Attachment Injury Repair Model and the experiential time to really breathe life into the model.  I need a balance between the two to really get the model into my practice.  As an aside, Michelle and Sam did the best role-play that I have ever seen at a workshop!

Both Michelle and Sam are excellent teachers as well as coming alongside us during the experiential exercises.

Brad Larson-Sanchez, Psy.D.; Portland, Oregon

“Michelle and Sam came to the Netherlands and led a sold out Forgiveness Training for Therapists Workshop.  They succeeded in giving each and every person a personal welcome and a warm hearted learning environment. Michelle and Sam created a safe and open attitude to learn, think about, reflect on and practice this important yet difficult part of our work with individuals, couples and families. It is definitely ‘very EFT’ – how we all learn the Attachment Injury Repair Model from Dr. Sue Johnson but it will fit everyone who is working with clients and their relationships. After all, forgiving – or not,  is a part of our lives as humans, sometimes difficult, often relieving, contributing to connection and attachment. We all need this so much. After the training ended, many of us stayed to socialize because we wanted to stay together and share our rich experiences about the day.”

Petra Deij; Utrecht, The Netherlands

“If you have a chance to attend the Forgiveness Training for Therapists given by Dr. Michelle Gannon and Dr. Sam Jinich, just grab it! I had the pleasure to take part in it in my home country, the Netherlands.  Both trainers are experts in their fields with profound knowledge of various theoretical perspectives of forgiveness, they are very experienced EFT therapists and great teachers. What touched me the most were their authentic friendliness and real interest that made it easy to let my hair down both personally and professionally.  And this is the best way to learn! Thank you, Michelle and Sam!

Ingeborg Weser,  The Netherlands

“It was such a sincere joy and privilege to experience the great expertise, warmth and evidence based program and knowledge of Dr Michelle Gannon & Dr Sam Jinich.  This stuff simply works magic!  Their Forgiveness Training for Therapists will improve the quality of your personal and professional lives.  I strongly recommend you take this training with Michelle & Sam”

Robert, The Netherlands

I have taken hundreds of trainings and seminars and find that those led by Michelle and Sam are in an amazing category by themselves. Because of their ability for warmth and empathy, I was able to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone with a feeling of confidence and safety that would not have been possible in another environment. Michelle and Sam work together to keep things interesting and interactive using humor, role plays, videos, and their no nonsense practicalities demonstrating their effectiveness as clinicians in the real world. Both of them are genuine and able to organically meet people where there are at despite their expertise or beginner status at whatever they may be learning from Sam and Michelle. For me watching them facilitate the EFT Core Skills and Forgiveness Training for Therapists Training was like seeing “therapist whisperers” in action. They are both mentors to me and I hope to one day emulate their ability to bring the best out of those who take their workshops and trainings which is what I felt they did for me personally. After taking Sam and Michelle’s trainings, I felt confident in applying what they taught me in the real world with my own clients and while assisting the weekend after at one of their Hold Me Tight Workshops. I recommend any training with them without any reservation!”

Todd Black, MFT

San Mateo

I found Michelle Gannon’s and Sam Jinich’s Forgiveness Training for Therapists helpful and powerful. It is a carefully articulated road map for therapists with powerful exercises to help couples more deeply understand their own hurt and pain and the pain of the partner who hurt them. The Forgiveness Conversation guides couples through six steps from sharing hurt vulnerably without blame, to partners empathizing and taking responsibility, to comforting each other and creating a new narrative. The role plays we did helped us understand and experience what all couples go through when we hurt each other and what powerful learning experiences forgiveness provides. The Forgiveness Conversation will be a huge help in my practice with couples, and a powerful tool when couples are “stuck”. I thank Michelle and Sam for yet another great learning experience.

Lynne Henderson, Ph.D.


The training went far beyond my original expectations.  Not only did I, as expected, learn tools to use in my ministry/practice, but just today, in a staff meeting, I was presented a complaint about my style of response from a co-worker and realized that I’d learned something in the forgiveness workshop, because after one or two less effective mending attempts, I reached for authenticity and dropped my defensiveness and my forgiveness tools ‘kicked in’.  My newly found skills from the workshop were evident when they specifically said, “I will accept that apology, thank you”  …and this was within a week of the workshop!  The results of the techniques learned have also proved most beneficial in my relationships at home with my spouse and daughter.

~ Rev. Ben Meyers

San Francisco

I can’t speak highly enough about the Forgiveness Training for Therapists workshop of Sam Jinich, PhD and Michelle, Gannon, PhD. There is a misleading aphorism floating around in the general culture that love in never having to say you are sorry. But if love is to thrive, given we all at times do things that hurt or disappoint the other, we need to say we are sorry and mean it and express it in a manner that reaches deep into the other so they can overcome their hurt and forgive us. This process of healing and repairing is at the center of this wonderful workshop. Sam and Michelle have put together a wonderful mix of engaging talks, role-plays, video clips, and music in presenting their Attachment Injury Repair Model (AIRM) that they so skillfully teach. I am confidant that whether you are a seasoned therapist or one just beginning, you will find their work of great value and of immediate applicability.

~David Glick, LMFT

Fairfax, California

 I highly recommend Sam and Michelle’s Forgiveness Training.

They did a wonderful job of seamlessly weaving together current research and theory along with plenty of practice to help me leave the day feeling more confident and skillful as an EFT therapist.  I’ve experienced a significant shift in my work since attending this training and have used what I learned to help move some of my couples from a stuck place of resentment to one of understanding, acceptance and a letting go.

Michelle and Sam are both smart, funny, energetic and skillful at providing a safe and welcoming learning atmosphere for therapists-both those brand new to EFT and more advanced EFT practitioners.  This training is a good use of your time and money!

John Wiskind, SF Bay Area

Target Audience: This training is appropriate for mental health practitioners.

Activity Level: This training is appropriate for mental health practitioners who have experience working with couples. Level is intermediate.

CE Credits are available with R.Cassidy Seminars. R. Cassidy Seminars is approved by the California Psychological Association and by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide continuing professional education for psychologists, MFT’s and LCSW’s. NCCEFT maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The Forgiveness Training for Therapists meets the qualifications for 7 hours of continuing education credit for Psychologists as required by the California Psychological Association.

The Forgiveness Training for Therapists meets the qualification for 7 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Refund and Attendance Policy:

Cancellations are subject to a $50.00 processing fee and must be received 14 days prior to the event to be eligible for a refund.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Those who attend this workshop in full and complete the appropriate evaluation will receive CE credits.  Please note that credit will only be granted to those who attend the entire workshop.  Those arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time or leaving before the workshop is completed will not receive CE credit.

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