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Two Days of Advanced EFT Training with Sam Jinich, PhD

Future Dates TBD

9:30 – 4:30 pm

Developing confidence and mastery of EFT is a life-long learning process.

Are the Steps and Stages of EFT sometimes difficult for you to remember and follow?  Are Enactments challenging for you in sessions and do you find that some couples are really difficult to de-escalate or engage?  Have you been thinking about EFT Certification, but feeling like you may never be able to get your tapes?  Are you ready for a review of the EFT interventions and skills and an opportunity to practice in a safe and supportive group?

Please join Sam for a supportive, engaging and positive two days to refresh your EFT skills with fellow EFT Therapists.  We will practice key skills that will enhance and invigorate your clinical work and help you feel more confident with your couples.

No matter how long ago you took Core Skills, continue to sharpen and fine-tune your EFT knowledge and skills by taking a Core Skills Refresher.

In this two-day training, we will review the unique skills and interventions of stage 1 and stage 2 work. During this 10-hour course, you will have ample opportunities to review and practice key EFT therapeutic techniques.

Day 1

On the first day we will discuss and practice assessing and tracking the negative cycle. We will discuss when and practice how to access the deeper underlying and often unspoken vulnerable emotions that lay beneath the triggers that fuel disconnection. The goal of the first day is to practice assessment and deepening while interweaving an attachment frame.

Day 2

On the second day, we will practice deepening and distilling as well as attuning to the client’s view of self as we explore their attachment fears and longings and facilitate healing enactments. The goal of the second day is to develop greater confidence in guiding withdrawers and pursuers to move through their pain and their fears to reach for the person that they most love and need.

DETAILS About the Core Skills Refresher:

Who should attend:  The Core Skills Refresher is for EFT therapists who have completed the EFT Core Skills series. Whether you recently completed Core Skills or completed Core Skills years ago, the 2 Day Training with Sam will help your review and refresh your EFT skills.  Even Certified EFT Therapists can benefit from the Core Skills Refresher. As with all other trainings at SFCEFT, EFT Core Skills is limited to all licensed professionals (and license eligible interns) who counsel couples, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, licensed pastoral counselors, family physicians, social workers, psychiatric nurses, counselors and students training in these professions.

Lodging: There are several hotels in the area.

Continuing Education Cedits: 10 hours of Continuing Education Credits available to Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs for participating in this training offered by Alliant International University.

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to withdraw from this training, you must do so in writing. Cancel six weeks prior to the training to receive a full refund of your registration fee. We are sorry that no refunds will be available for cancellations made within six weeks of the training due to administrative costs, materials fees and other expenditures made by SFCEFT in advance of the training. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending the training you registered for, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another SFCEFT Training with Dr. Sam Jinich within 18 months of the registration date. There is a 20% administrative fee for all transfers. The remaining credit will be applied to the cost of the future SFCEFT training. The balance for the remaining cost of the replacement training will be charged to you.  All workshops are enrolled on a first come, first serve basis.

* Minimum Requirement: Completion of a 4-day EFT Externship and EFT Core Skills is required. Participants must be licensed therapists or license-eligible psychotherapy interns or otherwise legally allowed to practice as mental health professionals in your jurisdiction and should have prior experience working with couples. ICEEFT does not offer the Certification as EFT Therapist to non-licensed professionals. All participants must be familiar with and commit to abide by all HIPAA regulations.

Join fellow EFT therapists, get support around challenging couples and practice and fine-tune your EFT Skills and Interventions.

Cost: $375 for NCCEFT members; $275 for Students/Interns

Continuing Education Cedits: 10 hours of Continuing Education Credits available to Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs for participating in this training offered by the Northern California Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy (NCCEFT).

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